How COVID Has Changed Digital Marketing

Believe it or not, we have lived with COVID-19 for more than a year already, and the pandemic has brought about some major changes in digital marketing trends that are here to stay.

As the world grows accustomed to combating the threat of COVID-19, people are slowly getting used to the new ways of receiving information and marketing material that have been forced on them as a result of circuit breaker, quarantine regulations and distancing measures.

The way you run your business and communicate with your consumers now is very different from before! But how much of it is here to stay?

1. Digital Marketing Is A Must!

Even before COVID-19, the consumption of digital media has been increasing rapidly every year. Digital marketing was well on its way of becoming every business’ must-have in order to stay in touch with an increasingly digitised consumer base.

With COVID-19, investments in digital marketing have become absolutely essential for your business to survive.

After all, for all the people in quarantine and during the circuit breaker days, digital media became the main source of communication between the people and their favourite brands.

Businesses who were inching slowly into digital marketing to jump into the depths of online marketing resources or get washed out.

Even though things are pretty much back to normal here in Singapore, people have gotten used to getting information and communicating online.

Digital marketing is only going to become more and more crucial for businesses to retain consumers and remain robust.

It was never in doubt that every business needs an online presence and social media networks to grow their businesses and connect with their consumers.

All COVID-19 did was give this transition from traditional to digital marketing some steroids.

So if you haven’t not begun to think of long term digital marketing strategies, the time to do so is now.

2. Renewed Focus On Domestic and Local Markets

Globalisation used to be the reason many businesses dipped their toes into digital marketing. With social media, it became possible to target larger demographics of consumers without being concerned with geographical borders.

But with the closure of borders during COVID-19, alternative markets had to be found in order for businesses to survive.

This caused the spotlight to be turned onto domestic and local consumers. With fewer global options available, local businesses are provided with more opportunities to step up brand awareness and meet the needs of the people.

Those who have grasped such opportunities to target the large pools of captive consumers during circuit breaker and the months after have found increased consumer interest in domestic and local businesses.

This change in consumer perspective is important, especially in Singapore where global businesses are often held in higher esteem than local start-ups.

This pandemic has given domestic businesses and enterprises the opportunity to prove their reliability and resourcefulness since local products and services can be obtained more conveniently than international ones.

With higher public awareness of local businesses today, there are increased opportunities for businesses and brands looking to expand their local reach. 

Although consumers have been released from international restrictions for months now, businesses have come to appreciate the stability and reliability of an invested local market.

And so, digital marketing with an emphasis on community needs and desires continues to rise.

3. Virtual Events and Exhibitions

With capacity restrictions on every event imaginable, it’s hard to imagine MICE ever going back to normal.

But even the strictest restrictions were unable to hold back the crowds of people itching to attend events and conventions.

Thus, virtual events became a thing.

From online conventions and virtual sale events to webinars and online conferences, to virtual showcases and virtual tours, people found a way to continue consuming products and services.

What’s coincidental about this is the technological developments have reached a point where collaboration and interaction between brands and consumers in such virtual events is not only possible, but made engaging and interesting.

Virtual events are highly convenient for consumers. They’re easier to work into a busy schedule than a physical event. Moreover, since many physical events showcase videos and other forms of digital media, virtual events aren’t that much different for consumers.

It is likewise cost-effective and appealing for businesses and brands to easily reach out to large audiences, so it’s unlikely they’ll cease to exist any time soon.

Because virtual events are so convenient for consumers, this trend will continue for a long time. Businesses adopt this happily because of the cost-effectiveness and the large willing audience that it attracts.

Innovative technology and AI allows for larger, more impressive online showcases and the hype of these virtual events on social media serve as a launchpad for bigger digital marketing campaigns and efforts.

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The world has not ended with COVID. Far from it.

If anything, we’re moving forward into the future faster than ever before.

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