Why Some Brands Are More Attractive Than Others

Some brands are just more memorable than others. But what separates the brands that leave an impression on us and those who don’t?

The answer is simple. Personality.

We are all attracted to and resonate with those who share similar traits, values and goals. Either that or they represent what we aspire to be.

Think of ten brands off the top of your head. What do the ten names you’ve listed have in common?

In today’s oversaturated market with numerous products and services that look alike or share similar functions, what sets each one apart?

Consumers of today are not just looking for products and services to meet their superficial wants but for people who share their values and understand what they really need.

It’s more than just weaving a nice backstory and giving your brand an appealing logo and colour palette. It’s the person behind the brand that’s going to convince your customers to be loyal to you.

Not you specifically, but your brand’s personality.

Your brand’s personality and voice is what allows your business to make a personal connection with your audience. Just as people have values, goals, beliefs and flaws, so do brands.

The brands people remember and relate to have more than just a consistent colour palette, catchy taglines and visual aesthetic. They have personality.

Ever watched those ‘If brands were people’ videos where the brands are personified as people with character traits and voices?

A brand’s personality is derived from its target consumers and comes to life in all the brand’s visual communication, marketing strategies—even in every product and service provided.

Take Apple for example. Even though it is an electronics company, it has a non-corporate, creative yet sophisticated and artistic personality. This sophisticated and artistic characteristic is evident in Apple’s packaging, website, digital marketing and even in the exclusive products the brand launches every year.

Compare that to a brand closer to home. Aftershock PC. Are they inferior?

By no means.

But their brand’s consumers and brand personality differs greatly from that of Apple.

They are an electronics company that values customisation, functionality and variety. And this can be seen in their business model, their marketing strategies, as well as the customisation services they offer.

Brands like theirs are more attractive because their brand personalities are authentic and backed up by their business values and customer experiences.

These personalities are maintained in all facets of their business, whether it is their visual communication, social media, online presence or customer service.

Most importantly, they are attractive because they relate to their target consumers ideals, values and traits.

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