What We Can Learn About Digital Marketing From Tiktok

Tiktok made it global recently amongst teens and young adults, and the demographic of its users has continued to widen thanks to the pandemic.

In Singapore alone, 1.04 million people downloaded Tiktok between January to July 2020.

Today, Tiktok sits on the frontier of digital marketing opportunities with its 800 million global monthly users. Influencers and brands are now making use of Tiktok’s clever AI database and knack for viral content to make themselves known to an ever increasing mass audience. 

Many brands are still skeptical about jumping onto the bandwagon because Tiktok’s demographic is still largely made up of Gen Z—who have significantly low spending power for now.

Because Tiktok is created to be a viral content generator, it has become the epicenter of many online trends. The stuff that goes viral reaches an unprecedented captive audience like never before in the history of social media.

So, let’s learn what we can about digital marketing from Tiktok.

Attention spans are shrinking!

There are many markers other than Tiktok that indicate that people have always liked short, sharp content. Before Tiktok, there was Vine. GIFs are also immensely popular storytelling devices and IG Stories encourage short, brief updates.

With Tiktok, we see the integration of the addictive algorithm to curate content based on a user’s specific desires and interests—allowing for short, sharp content produced by many different creators about similar topics to catch the attention of its intended audience.

From a digital marketing standpoint, Tiktok has become a lucrative social media marketing opportunity because of its ability to quickly optimise SEO rankings and get thousands of eyeballs faster than other social media platforms.

Your Tiktok videos are more likely to be eyeballed because users receive only content they are interested in or attracted to and they scroll through each video much faster due to its shorter length.

But this also means it is likely to be passed by and forgotten immediately unless it is outstanding or captivating.

Overall, however, the success of Tiktok’s algorithm proves that the attention span of consumers of digital media is shrinking by the day.

People want something new and exciting at faster rates and attention cannot be held for very long anymore.

The trends of today change like the weather. Your digital marketing ideas for next month might become irrelevant next week if tomorrow’s trends drag people in a different direction.

Attention is harder to grab and maintain than ever before.

What does this mean for digital marketing?

Enhancing and improving SEO is more important than ever.

With only a brief moment to captivate your audience, it has become critical to capture the right audience. If your target is not precise, you will be less likely to find people who need or are interested in your products and services.

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Original content is good but association is better.

Tiktok does not encourage originality like Instagram does. With Instagram, the most unique and novel posts attract the most attention.

With Tiktok, remixing is the way to go. Leveraging on popular sounds and music, its users are encouraged to use existing viral ideas and give it their own little spin.

This means brand new ideas are not required to get attention anymore. All you need is association with something popular.

The more on the ball you are of the current ideas, styles and sounds, the more likely you are to get the attention of other Tiktok users.

Funnily enough, this use of association for marketing can be seen outside of Tiktok (in the leveraging of social media influencers), and even outside of social media marketing as well (celebrity product endorsements).

It’s just that Tiktok takes it one step further. Instead of attaching a popular face to your content, you attach a popular trend or an existing content structure.

Ironically, because the Internet provides so much new knowledge, new ideas and new content, consumers are becoming increasingly overloaded with information.

What does this mean for digital marketing?

Association with the familiar is how people choose what to look into or pursue from the flood of knowledge that is available to us.

We are ultimately more comfortable with what we know and with things that we have experienced before.

Trends that have become popular are easily recognisable (at least while they are popular) so that’s why they attract attention much more easily.

The use of association works like a marketing funnel. You start off by attracting your target audience with what’s most popular, relatable and trendy, then lead your captive audience towards the action you want them to complete.

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Return of the home-video style.

Everyone likes authenticity. That’s why every time a social media platform starts becoming a battlefield of aesthetics, a new one pops up that encourages realness and raw content.

Remember when Instagram used to be a place where people posted unedited photos? Or when people used webcams to film their YouTube videos?

After that, we had Snapchat and then IG Stories to encourage real-time capturing of the moment.

Now that IG Stories are becoming more stylised and ‘professional’, Tiktok comes around, making it trendier than ever before to create and post real-time content with as little equipment as possible.

Tiktok users are encouraged to use existing backgrounds or the basic green screen filter, along with simple editing tools provided by the app to create their content.

Although it is possible to import external videos, a large majority of Tiktok’s viral content is created in-app and edited simply.

Since we are attracted to realness in social media, digital marketing materials produced for these platforms tend to be more appealing when they are low-budget, raw-looking and authentic.

What does this mean for digital marketing?

People like people like them.

That’s why behind-the-scenes and day-in-the-life content is popular, even for high budget movies and famous rich people.

That’s why you need to have active social media accounts, not just a website or ads on Google.

Raw content gives your audience a glimpse of your process, your humanity, your authenticity. It allows you to form a deeper connection with your consumers beyond just a transaction.

This connection is the basis on which customer loyalty and following is founded.

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