What’s The Difference Between Branding & Marketing?

While searching for ways to grow your business, you’ve probably heard of this strategy called ‘branding’ that helps you attract customers. And you’ve also learnt that ‘marketing’ does that as well—attract customers.

So…are they the same thing?

Not at all.

Branding and marketing are two different concepts and they mean different things.

While their overarching objective is the same: to attract customers and make your business grow, they have different functions and uses.

Knowing the difference is as important as being able to tell your needle from your thread.

The Definitions of Branding & Marketing

Put simply, branding is who you are, and marketing is how you make yourself known.

Branding is an expression of your company’s identity, values, mission and unique selling points—visually or otherwise.

Although this includes logo design, company tagline and visual style, it also consists of all long-term non-promotional messaging related to your company like email templates, website design, social media posts and even your company’s standard operating procedures.

Marketing, on the other hand, refers to a collection of tactics and activities your business uses to promote itself or your products and services.

This includes strategies like SEO, creating Facebook ads, using Google Adwords, launching hashtag campaigns on TikTok and tends to have short-term goals and deadlines.

The Relationship Between Branding & Marketing

The two are so easily mixed up because they are interlinked and often used together—marketing directly drives sales and creates that initial traction for your business whereas branding provides content direction for marketing.

What this means is that marketing is a part of branding.

Marketing strategies utilise the results of branding, the brand’s identity and voice, to promote and encourage growth. Thus, all instances of marketing are a part of your business’s branding.

Although marketing is a subset of branding, the reverse is not true.

Branding might not always be marketing.

For example, after-sales services and customer service processes are not considered marketing but are definitely a key component of branding.

Which Is More Important?

To be honest, both are equally important. But if you mess up your branding, your marketing strategies will be affected because of the way the two are interlinked.

For example, you might be able to attract a lot of attention with a Facebook ad campaign but the people who view your marketing material might not become invested in your business because your branding is unappealing or wrong for them.

Branding ensures that your marketing efforts are not spent on people who are unlikely to buy your products or use your services and keeps you focused on your business’s goals and values.

So it’s definitely an investment worth putting your time and effort into!

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