8 Types of Marketing Videos To Promote Your Brand

Video attracts attention much better than a status update or a static image. But producing professional-quality video is not the only way to promote your brand—the types of video you produce matters.

Production is a lot of work and it can often be a pain to plan, it’s worth it! Here are 8 types of marketing videos you can consider including in your video marketing strategy:


Duration: 10 seconds – 2 minutes
Content: A short and concise story or message

We’ve all seen our share of video ads. Think video platforms like YouTube. The key to being successful with this type of video is to be very clear about what you want to promote and to make it as engaging as possible immediately.

No buildups, no roundabout storytelling—especially if your video is an online ad. Chances are, people are not going to watch it long enough to immerse themselves in what you want to say.

Don’t forget to share these types of video ads on your brand’s Facebook and Instagram. A video of this length hits the social media sweet spot, so go ahead, share and boost your own video on social media!


Duration: 1-5 minutes
Content: Show the behind-the-scenes work of your brand’s goods and service

Relatable and fun to watch, vlogs are one type of video you should try to include in your video marketing strategy, especially if you are an artisan or if there’s an interesting process behind your product or service.

Think of it as compiling all your Instagram Stories into one video. Your customers want to know the humanity behind the brand, so the more transparent you are about your process, the better. But remember to keep it short, engaging and fun to watch.


Duration: 1-3 minutes
Content: DIY ideas, how-to instructions and demonstrations of use

Do you want to hype up a common household product your brand is promoting? Are there other uses for your product?

Then tutorial videos are the way to express the versatility of your brand! Not only will this sort of videos attract potential customers, they are also a form of after-sales service to assure your loyal clients that you are attuned to what they need and want.

A tip for you: Show a human face or hand and include a voiceover to make your tutorial more realistic and approachable!


Duration: 30 seconds – 5 minutes
Content: Animated or live-action recording with a voiceover explanation of a process or offer

This type of video is good if you want to highlight how your product/service meets a customer need or if your business offers a product/service that isn’t immediately understandable. Although this type of videos are typically animated with a voiceover, a live-action skit works as well.

Unlike tutorials, explainer videos focus on making a product or service easy to understand or to highlight the details of a situation or problem that your brand is solving. Make sure not to ramble on or get too technical in this sort of videos and focus on breaking down the technical or complex parts of a product and service into entertaining or relatable chunks.

Customer Testimonials

Duration: 10 seconds – 1 minute
Content: Talking head shorts of your customers reviewing a product/service

The best way to show you’re reliable is to have other people say that you’re reliable! Customer testimonial videos are more difficult to produce compared to written reviews (although those are hard to get as well!) but the payoff is a boost in brand reputation.

The best way to film testimonial videos is to keep the production simple (think videoing it with a phone) but professionally edit the testimonial (add subtitles and an end-card) to show it’s authentic and reliable.


Duration: 30 seconds – 5 minutes
Content: A series of question and answer talking head shorts

Interview videos can be dynamic and fun, not necessarily for the uptight and serious stuff only. Every brand stands a chance to boost their reputation and credibility with a well-placed interview, so don’t brush off including this type of video in your video marketing strategy so quickly.

Interview customers for their opinions. Have your CEO tell the story behind the brand’s history or someone involved in the production/service to talk about the process. You could also get an expert in the field your brand is related to discuss why/how your product/service is a solution.

A tip for you: Include cutaway shots to help your viewers visualise what is being said!

Product Demo Videos

Duration: 30 seconds – 3 minutes
Content: A passionate demonstration of how a product works.

Unlike explainers, the purpose of a product demo video is to show off your product/service to your audience. You’re not explaining how it works. You’re showing off its unique features and perks.

How does this differ from an ad? You’re showing hands-on interaction with the product to highlight its authenticity and real-world effectiveness so use wide angle shots and demonstrate the versatility of your product/service with multiple examples!

Remember that the point of marketing videos is to promote your brand, a product or service, so make sure your video includes a host (or voiceover) that speaks passionately about the product.


Duration: 30 minutes – 2 hours
Content: Product launch, Q&A session or a behind-the-scenes of an event

An increasingly attractive option these days, and not just because of COVID-19’s safe distancing—but because livestreams generate FOMO, like you’re missing out on something exciting that’s happening right next door.

Livestreams also receive more engagement than regular posts because of the way it encourages real-time community interaction. Viewers can join as the webinar or livestream is ongoing and comments or questions get addressed personally on air, just like at a live event.

However, these videos are difficult to plan for and execute due to the fact that they resemble events. So plan for them like they’re events but consider this type of video in your video marketing strategy because they are extremely effective for building suspense and consolidating your customer base!

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