Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Your Brand

Social media is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools out there. With just a click of a button, you can reach millions of customers worldwide and generate marketing traffic at only a fraction of the cost!

But perhaps you’re a small local business. You’re targeting a much smaller group of people and don’t want to have to sift through your followers every so often to get rid of bots and spam accounts.

In that case, social media marketing might not be something you’d want to put in that much effort for, right?

Wrong. No matter the size of your brand or the scope of your message, your business stands to reap great benefits from diving all the way into social media marketing.


One of the greatest advantages social media offers over all other digital media tools, is the ability to build communities of loyal customers and enthusiasts who believe in your brand’s message, service or product.

Social media does more than boost your visibility and allow a wider audience to become aware of your brand. Social media starts conversations for immediate interactions, relationship building and customer loyalty, which is what makes social media marketing so powerful.

Here’s one example: A potential customer who approaches a shop assistant at your physical store with a question might have their doubts personally clarified. This interaction is simply customer service—that every potential customer who wants to know the same details will have to ask separately.

However, just one potential customer asking the same question on your social media post, can transform this interaction into organic marketing material for the rest of your community interested in the same details about your brand.

Social media allows the footprints of your community and even those who are remotely interested in your brand to become part of your marketing efforts—in the form of likes, shares, comments and followers.

So, although content creation for social media marketing is important, remember that the biggest advantage social media has over other digital marketing tools is the way it multiples the effect of the community you build through it.

Value For Money

Marketing costs money. If you’re a small business, chances are, you don’t have thousands of dollars to splurge on a marketing campaign. But with social media, regardless of your size and budget, you can successfully launch any number of marketing campaigns as you please!

Although people don’t use social media just to look for ads and sales talk from brands, it is a great place for you to do your marketing without busting the bank.

Each sponsored ad you choose to host can be customised to meet your marketing needs and budget. You get to choose who sees your ad and you can even sell your products directly on social media these days!

As for the marketing content you create and schedule, you don’t need a team of professional photographers and videographers to create expensive visual content in order to wow your audience.

In fact, natural’s the trend and any organic content you post on your brand’s social media instinctively becomes the better marketing material for that reason.

Most people use social media as one of their touch points before making a purchase or engaging a service. Thus, not utilising social media in your marketing strategy would be missing out on the easiest (and cheapest) method to increase your business visibility and enhance your brand personality.

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