What To Post On Your Brand’s IG Stories

Instagram Stories has evolved a lot over the last few years—there’s more you can do with it now than ever before! IG Stories is a great opportunity for you to engage with your following, make your brand more personable and get real-time feedback from your target audience.

But when you’re not launching a new product or service, when there’s no public holiday or event going on…what can you post on your brand’s IG Stories?

Here are some great ideas for you to make full use of IG Stories in your social media marketing strategy!

Just Promote Something

Even when you’ve got no new products or services on the way, you can still promote your current products and services or drive traffic to your website and blog posts.

Remind your community why they’re following you—because of your existing products and services that meet all their needs—and update your newest followers on what you’re all about!

List the unique selling points of these quintessential products and services, highlight features or aspects to them that your audience might have forgotten or simply showcase them in a different setting/scenario!

Behind The Scenes/Sneak Peeks

The best way to get your community to see your brand as a person rather than a business is to take them behind the scenes.

The beauty of IG Stories is authenticity, so there’s no need to prep what to post months in advance, show your audience real time footage/pictures of what’s going on with your brand at the moment and keep it genuine.

Show them what a day in your life looks like, what your office looks like, parts of your process or even give sneak peeks of an upcoming product, service or event you’re prepping for.


Asking for feedback is bad for your reputation, said no one ever. Seek your community’s opinions and ask your followers questions related to your products and services. You can even invite your audience to submit questions or queries they might have about your brand.

The responses you get might help you make business decisions in the future and give you lots of content to push out on social media in the coming months!

Shout Outs/User Generated Content

Another good way to use IG Stories is to share user generated content and pictures your community posts about your brand, product or services. Even if it’s a brief mention, thank your followers and give them a shout out!

By sharing user generated content, you’re telling your audience that you are interested in them, you want to interact with them and you want to add value to their lives.

Shout outs and sharing of related content is one simple but influential way you can interact and get involved with, not just your followers and audience, but also your competitors and rivals.

Instagram Takeover

Take advantage of the 24 hour limit of IG Stories to introduce your team members to your online community! Have one staff member take over your brand’s IG Stories for one day to share their personalities and lifestyles.

Remember that social media is for people, so it should be about people. People want to see people, know people and interact with people.

Make full use of these casual platforms to share the typical (but interesting!) joys of life with your target audience and community.

Thanks to the auto-play function of IG Stories, people tend to end up looking through the IG Stories of all the accounts they follow—so make sure yours is one of them by staying active and posting whenever you can!

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