Should You Use Pinterest For Your Social Media Marketing?

You’ve probably heard of Pinterest. If you haven’t, it’s a visual social media platform that’s used to get inspiration but that can also be used for lead generation, website traffic and brand recognition.

Already have your plate full with Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn? Not sure if Pinterest is a good addition to your business’ social media marketing strategy?

Here’s some ways Pinterest can be used for social media marketing and things you should consider before fully committing to this thriving visual platform.

To Sell Products

Pinterest is a very visual platform—even more so than Instagram—because it consists of curating images dedicated to specific topics into boards for users interested in the same things to browse.

So if your business sells products, Pinterest is a very good platform for you to include in your social media marketing strategy.

Take some time to do a few photoshoots of your products and upload the best pictures as pins on Pinterest for the community to admire and re-pin. Pinterest allows you to link your images directly to your product page so it’s perfect for lead generation and driving traffic and sales directly to your website.

Take some time to choose the right keywords and describe your pins so that the right audience sees your product and follows up by clicking!

To Promote Services

If your business offers services instead of products, you still have much to gain from including Pinterest in your social media marketing strategy.

Pinterest is used by a wide variety of people with varying interests. Whether your company offers human resource services or phone repair services, there is an audience on Pinterest waiting for advice, tips and infographics!

Although promoting services is a little harder than products in that your pins have to show off your knowledge and expertise in place of products, if your company possesses the knowledge and skills, then Pinterest is a lucrative way to attract people to you!

Aside from quotes and infographics, you can also consider memes and industry-related jokes although bear in mind, the audience for these fun visuals are more casual and less likely to follow up on your pin. However, it is a good way to make your brand known!

To Improve Brand Awareness

If your business is running a campaign, Pinterest might be a good choice to include as part of your social media marketing strategy.

While campaigns tend to be wordy, there are also visuals that you’ll be using to associate with the campaign when you market it on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Because pinners are very interested in new things, make these visuals available on Pinterest for them to spread like wildfire! Some 77% of weekly users regularly discover new brands and products on Pinterest so you definitely have a good chance to catch some attention and lead them to your other social media platforms for more information.

As with all social media marketing platforms, make sure you choose your keywords carefully so the right audience will see your pins and re-pin them!

Pinterest has a very strong global footprint, hence products linked to websites and services available online will benefit a lot more from using Pinterest than the rest of us.

However, increasing brand awareness is possible on Pinterest, no matter your line of business, with a little bit of creativity!

Starting up a marketing strategy for a new social media platform can be difficult but there are many benefits to be reaped. Learn more about our social media marketing services here.

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