4 Important Instagram Trends For Brands

Instagram is an immensely popular social media platform used by many businesses and brands for marketing. It’s visual nature means it’s very effective in reaching out to audiences.

But the myriad of updates, added features and possibilities make it difficult to know exactly what Instagram trend you should focus on to make your marketing efforts bear the most fruit.

Here’s 4 of the most important trends you should take note of as a brand and focus on!

1. Optimise Posts for the Explore Tab

Just a year ago, Instagram’s Explore tab was nothing to boast about. It was a place that gave out generic post suggestions based on your viewing history.

Today, the algorithm is more complex. You can search for new content by adding categories, following tags and the post suggestions have become more intuitive than ever. If you frequently view cat videos, a category like “animals” or “cats” might appear in your Explore tab. If you browse fashion and makeup pictures, then these categories will pop up for you with related posts.

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As a marketer, this is a good thing. Just like how we utilise SEO to improve a website’s rankings on Google, we can now do the same seamlessly with Instagram.

Pick a niche and optimise your Instagram profile and content to rank higher in your selected categories. Using the right hashtags that are popular amongst your target audience also help your content to be displayed and viewed more frequently.

2. Upload Long-Form Videos on IGTV

IGTV is Instagram’s Youtube. It allows you to post long-form videos that are longer than 1 min and have them curated on your profile for your audience. Although it has been around for a while, many brands still don’t quite understand how to use it for marketing.

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Instagram has expressed plans to expand IGTV’s functionality so this is one trend that shouldn’t be ignored. If your brand is already making video marketing content, then consider posting these videos on IGTV as well!

Create explainer videos, guides and post interviews for your Instagram following and potential new audiences who click on your profile. Video content is more popular on Instagram than you think!

3. Use In-App Shopping

Now that Instagram has Shoppable Posts, we should make full use of it!

Pose with your products and link them on Instagram—even if you have a proper website or use another platform to make sales.

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70% of shoppers already use Instagram to find new products, the added convenience for shoppers to purchase from you without leaving the platform makes it even more appealing for audiences.

You don’t have to set up your own Instagram Shop in-app to make use of Shoppable Posts. Just tag the products and link them to your website when you use Shoppable Posts! So long as you’re selling something, Instagram has in-app shopping functions that can boost your marketing efforts.

4. Focus On Authenticity

At the end of the day, the most effective marketing trend on Instagram is authenticity with your audience. While relying on marketing tools to create Instagram content is great, there’s no need to worry too much about production value.

Source: Instagram

With how easy it is to edit and sugar-coat, people want more unfiltered and authentic content. This is not bad news for marketing. It’s good news! It means personal stories, anecdotes and comments can be used for marketing!

There’s no need to embellish or fluff yourself up to stand out. A large majority of audiences are looking for genuine connection—even with brands! So there’s no need to hide and put up a false front.

Stay true to your branding identity and occasionally reveal unfiltered content to remind your audience that you’re as human and approachable as they are!

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