10 Types of Content Your Audience Wants To See On Facebook

Can a brand’s Facebook page be engaging? Want your followers to stop scrolling past your updates and actually read what you post?

If you’re a small business or brand that’s just posting ads and promotion updates on Facebook, here’s 10 creative content ideas for you to spruce up your bland webspace and engage your audience.

1. Stories/Anecdotes

People like stories. It’s as simple as that. Share a personal story, a simple anecdote, or even a funny thing that happened. No matter how mundane or trivial, stories create a deeper connection with your audience.

To keep your engagement levels coming from the right people, just ensure your stories are in line with your brand identity.

2. Trending Topic Posts

Since Facebook’s algorithm ranks up posts that are about trending topics, write about what’s trending at the moment. What’s your audience talking about? Post your thoughts/reflections on that. What idea is your audience hyped up about today? Post a variation of that popular trend.

On one hand, you’ll have a chance to go viral.

But more importantly, you’ll get to interact with your audience about what’s currently on their mind!

3. Behind-The-Scenes

People like people. Your audience is curious about the humanity behind the business.

Even if you’re providing a service or selling products, show the people and actions behind the scenes. Show people how you edit videos, work at your desk, plan your next business move.

Remember that revealing what’s behind your business doesn’t make you less professional! In fact, being natural and authentic can actually help you deepen relationships with your audience.

4. Memes

Social media is a form of entertainment for most people, so post some memes to keep your audience entertained!

You don’t find many memes on business pages because of the intense pressure to be professional. But don’t forget that Facebook is for first and foremost a platform for connecting with people—not just marketing.

So create your own memes or share those related to your business to get connecting!

5. Infographics

Make the serious business stuff fun and attractive for your audience.

Too many words and too much information can make it hard for people to swallow in one sitting so use infographics to get the gist of your message across and keep them coming back to you for more!

Don’t skim on informative posts! After all, your brand was created to meet a need in society—so keep sharing the good stuff with your audience in a fun way.

6. Random Thoughts

Make space on your Facebook posting schedule for random thoughts.

It might seem like a cop-out but unfiltered thoughts tend to get the most engagement. Why? Because what’s on your mind will probably be on a lot of other people’s minds as well. There will be people out there who can relate to what you’re thinking.

So write down random thoughts that come to you and share these with your audience, guilt-free.

7. Customer Reviews/Testimonials

Your audience wants to know what other people think of you too. So make it easier for them by sharing customer reviews or testimonials of your business from a variety of platforms (written, video, even text message screenshots work too).

People who use Facebook do rely on reviews when considering your brand, so make sure you use all the good reviews that you’ve got to share your trustworthy reputation with them!

8. Ask For Feedback

As a business selling products or a service provider, we often think we can’t ask questions—because that indicates we don’t know what we’re doing. But I’m sure that’s not the case! If you’re using social media, you probably want your audience to be a bigger part of your business. 

So don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on Facebook. Ask your followers to choose a new logo for your company? Start a poll on new product features. Want to improve some aspect of your business—ask people for feedback!

Getting your followers to share their thoughts and opinions with you not only means engagement but also means ideas to improve your business and your services!

9. Tutorials, Tips, How-tos

Your Facebook page exists to add value to your followers’ lives!

Share resources, tips, life hacks and tutorials that you’ve found useful or have benefited from. Don’t think of everything you do as a business secret, instead offer suggestions on how to tackle problems you’ve personally faced as well.

Facebook’s all about making connections. And if you’re helpful, people are more likely to remember your brand.

10. Share Blog Posts

The same logic applies! All the industry knowledge you have, the interesting articles you’ve read, the mentors that have influenced you—share it all with your audience.

If your company has a blog, make sure to frequently share your blog posts on Facebook and link them! (It’s very good for your website’s SEO). If you have friends that write about related topics, then share those too.

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