7 Organic Post Ideas To Spice Up Your Instagram Feed

Generating a steady stream of content for Instagram can be a struggle, especially if you’re a small business providing a very specific product/service for a niche audience.

For a visual curation platform like Instagram, content appears to come secondary to aesthetic. However, as a brand, you’ll want your posts to engage your audience and convert them into loyal customers

But how can you do that without posting ad-like content all the time? Here are 7 unique IG post ideas to spice up your company’s Instagram feed.

1. Repurpose The Old

Do you write blog posts and create videos for your business? If you do, you’ve probably spent a lot of time planning and creating those pieces of content. Don’t you think it’s a waste to just promote it once and have it fade into oblivion afterwards?

For every piece of content you make, come up with several versions, excerpts or snippets of it and repurpose these bits into multiple images or clips.

Every so often, share some of the good stuff you’ve created previously with your followers who might have missed it. This will help you to keep your audience intrigued. Moreover, if you’ve got a lot of blog posts and videos that you haven’t repurposed, you’ll have a lot of content ready to go!

2. Regram

Instagram is a place where people search for inspiration. So don’t be afraid to browse your followers’ accounts and regram ideas from them (and give credit of course). Similar to shoutouts, regramming helps to cast the spotlight on your audience and the industry you’re in, rather than making a sales pitch all the time.

Building a community on social media is the best way to grow your customer base because these are the people who will interact with you, respond when you post and purchase products/services from you. On social media, you want your customers to see you as a ‘friend’ who can help them out in a specific way rather than as a formal company trying to do business.

3. Run An Instagram Exclusive Deal

No, we’re not talking about paid ads! And yes, your organic posts can still offer a good deal to those who read it!

Running an exclusive deal for viewers of specific posts (like this one) keeps your feed fresh and keeps your followers on their toes for more of such special deals! Just like how brands give email newsletter subscribers exclusive coupons, you can do the same with this exclusive IG deal to boost your engagement rates.

This will also give you a better idea on how many of your followers are actually customers so that you can better shape your social media plans for the future.

4. Share A Culture Post

What’s your organisation’s culture like? How does it differ from others? What do you do differently or uniquely? What are the aspects of your company culture that you’re proud of?

Share these in a post with your followers. Doing this helps to highlight what your organisation’s values are and reveal a bit about the behind-the-scenes vibes of your office. Show off what’s unique and cool about the non-business aspects of your brand and be prepared to gain more fans!

People like transparency.

5. Curate Content

Put together some of the content you’ve found helpful from others in your niche and share it with your audience.

We often think that we have to write our own blog posts and film our own videos to promote ourselves but sharing the content of others is also a good way of expanding your reach as well. After all, what you’re saying by curating content is that your brand doesn’t have all the answers but it can find those answers for you.

It will also encourage your audience to engage with and follow your posts because they can get so much more out of following you than just promotion updates. Just don’t forget to give credit when you curate content!

6. Ask For Opinions

People love to share their opinions—especially on social media—so give them a space to do it! Post a picture with options and have your followers choose one in the comments section below or ask a question directly and turn the comments into an answering board.

It doesn’t have to be about something serious or directly sales-related. After all, the point of this is to have a conversation and get to know your audience better. It’s also a fun way to show off variations of your product/service if you have any.

7. Give Pro Tips

Making simple posts that share quick tips and give brief advice to your audience is a good way to share valuable information in an enticing form. Keep it as short and succinct as possible.

You don’t always have to link these posts to more in-depth explanation blog posts or videos. They can just be random useful tips that you impart to your audience every now and then for their benefit. If you’ve got a new product/service coming up, you can use these pro tips as a hint or a clue about it!

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