5 Ways To Spice Up Holiday Greeting Posts

Creative holiday posts are difficult to conceptualise without a team of graphic designers to help you out. Using greeting templates from royalty free graphic sites for your brand’s holiday greeting posts seems to be the smarter idea.

After all, greeting posts are just…a formality, right?

No need to spend too much time on it.

Although greeting posts are often seen as perfunctory, they can actually be very useful in generating hype and excitement for your business. Promoting one’s brand is, after all, the point of every single thing you post on social media.

And a creative holiday post doesn’t need to be complex or difficult! Here are 5 simple ways you can spice up your holiday greeting posts.

1. Relate it to your brand

Make the holiday relevant to your brand. If you sell a product, include it in your holiday post and surround it with a festive atmosphere! Take each holiday as an opportunity to wish your loyal customers well and increase the frequency of your interactions with them.

If your brand offers services, then feature them in your holiday post or simply post a picture of your service staff all dressed up for that holiday!

2. Make it cute/humorous

A cute infographic like this one from Starbucks works well for holidays like Teachers’ Day. It adds a creative twist to the typical greeting post and shows how your brand thinks about the holiday—while featuring your product!

This idea works best for holidays celebrating people groups! But feel free to adapt it to any and all holidays.

Other ways to make your greeting posts cute and humorous: include relatable memes, inside jokes or create quirky quote posts related to the holiday.

3. Localise your post

The key to a successful holiday post is relatability. Use backgrounds or graphics that are iconic and relevant to your audience, even if the holiday is not a national one (i.e.: not National Day).

Localising your posts helps you to connect with your home audience, especially if you’re a small local brand. Include colloquial terms or point out local facts pertaining to the holiday. For example, on International Cat Day, you can quote the number of cats in Singapore—because why not?

4. Hide a promo code

Another great way to spice up your holiday greeting posts is to hide secret deals inside. Include a promo code or a special deal for those people who actually read your organic posts!

Not only will this add to the festive atmosphere, it’s also the best way to encourage your followers to keep up with your posts for more of such hidden treasure.

Also, organic promo posts like these don’t cost you ad money!

5. Make a video instead

Everybody likes video, so switch up your holiday greeting posts by using short videos instead of using static images. (It’s also a way of making your greetings interactive.)

Your videos don’t have to be complicated or difficult to film. Here’s an idea from Uniqlo that can be adapted to your brand and your unique selling points very easily.

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