2021 Digital Marketing Trends That Worked In Singapore

2021 is a year in which digital marketing has evolved greatly. With the pandemic raging on and Singapore tightening and loosening restrictions every so often, more and more local businesses are relying on digital marketing to promote themselves.

This means, many digital marketing trends have become popular this year. Here are the trends that have worked well in Singapore.

1. Customer Testimonial Ads

During this socially distanced year, reviews and customer feedback has become more important than ever!

Now that word-of-mouth advertising has been made difficult, consumers have turned to the reviews section to find out the popular opinion of brands/products. Ads that feature customer testimonials (via video or text) have done particularly well as a result. It’s no surprise then, that many small businesses choose to release new products to focus groups of beta consumers and then collate their commendations and feedback for use on their social media platforms!

No matter how you choose to collect your customer testimonials, keeping it real and authentic is the key. But here’s the reality: if you offer incentives to reviewers, it’ll be easier for you to collect testimonials.

2. Use of Catchy Song/Tunes

We’re not just talking about those Shopee and Lazada songs that pop up on YouTube every now and then. Look at how Samsung has chosen BTS as their ambassadors and made use of their hit song, ‘Butter’, to garner more attention on their ads this year.

Catchy songs are definitely the way to go. Many businesses have also chosen this entertaining method in their digital marketing efforts to create an association with their brand/products (think Daikin).

Check out this list of Singapore ad jingles and see if you can find your favourite ad tune!

3. Riding the Monthly Sale Days

It started with just 11.11 but now, there’s a sale every month where the day and month have the same number (ie: 1.1, 2.2, 3.3, 4.4…).

This trend began with major shopping platforms like Shopee and Lazada holding large sales festivals on these particular days of the month where big discounts and vouchers are given out like water.

This year, many smaller local brands have jumped onto the bandwagon and chosen to promote alongside these platform giants and make use of the festive atmosphere brought on by their large-scale advertising campaigns to promote their own products.

Taking advantage of the wave of consumers who are in the mood to purchase many things on these days has allowed these brands to reap many benefits!

4. Animated Ads

Not quite a video but not really a gif, animated ads this year are taking full advantage of the surge in online viewership to attract attention with floating visual elements and moving words.

Ads on websites are commonplace by now and people are accustomed to scrolling right past without giving your paid ad so much as a second thought. Animating them a little draws just enough attention to get your money’s worth out of Google!

5. Running Tiktok Ads

@zalora It’s OUR birthday and we’re giving YOU all the presents! Shop our crazy sale with prizes and cash back galore 🥳🥳 #ZaloraTurns9 #Zalora #fyp ♬ original sound - ZALORA

If you’ve advertised on TikTok this year, then you’re ahead of the game. TikTok is a relatively new social media platform compared to the likes of Facebook and Instagram but its users are multiplying by the day.

And it’s not just teenagers and fresh graduates who are browsing TikTok. Its audience includes the working population, those with high purchasing power who end up looking up the products they see in the platform’s ads and actually buying them!

What’s different about Tiktok ads? If you’ve seen them, you’ll know that they’re more casual, innovative and fast-paced compared to long video ads found on YouTube. Here’s an article for you to explore the perks of Tiktok marketing.

6. Using Instagram Reels

Already posting content on TikTok, then reuse those TikTok videos on Instagram Reels! This year, Instagram has declared war on TikTok by launching this feature to allow its users to enjoy short-form video directly on their platform.

Instagram Reels last longer than Insta Stories and make use of hashtags and internet trends to increase viewership and hype on your posts. Many large lifestyle & food businesses in Singapore are already using Instagram Reels to tease new products and hype up their campaigns and their audiences are taking it well, almost as if they’ve forgotten it’s advertising!

7. Regular Insta Story Updates

More Instagram users browse their stories more than their feed which means businesses that have religiously updated their Insta Story with content have more engagement with their followers.

Don’t look down on the fact that this content only stays up for 24 hours. Every minute counts on social media so all your efforts to shout out, repost, update, comment and thank your audience are not wasted!

8. Influencer Ads

Getting an influencer to speak up about your product/service has become almost mandatory this year. It’s the sure-fire way to increase awareness and sales, much like TV ads used to in the past but at a fraction of the cost.

That’s right. There’s no need to engage top-tier ultra-famous influencers to speak up about your product. Even micro-influencers with a loyal following of 5,000 to 1,000 can give you your money’s worth.

9. Omnichannel Marketing

Unlike multichannel marketing which is essentially just making your products/services available across various digital media platforms, omnichannel marketing ensures an integrated, seamless customer experience across devices and platforms.

Consumers are encouraged to engage across multiple platforms and touchpoints which helps you increase revenue and improve your brand’s data analytics across all platforms. This is an interactive customer-centric approach to marketing that has allowed many brands to thrive this year as restrictions change and planning trips to physical stores becomes more difficult.

10. Make Use of Existing Shopping Platforms

Having an e-shop on your website is just not effective anymore now that most businesses have also gone online. Even large consumer brands have opened accounts on existing shopping platforms to take advantage of their large user base and make themselves known.

Many small businesses that start on these platforms are doing well, so if you haven’t yet started selling your brand’s products/services on these ultra-popular platforms, make that your 2022 New Year Resolution. Think about all the advertising these platforms do for you—it’s a digital marketing move you definitely won’t regret!

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