We’re A Facebook Marketing Partner! Here’s How We Can Help You

That’s right, Story Box Collective is part of a pool of tech companies and marketing agencies certified by Facebook for our expertise in helping businesses generate the best results from their marketing campaigns.

This partnership between Facebook means that Story Box knows all about Facebook’s Best Practices and will be able to help you optimise your campaigns to get the best results possible.

We also get to show off this recognised badge from Facebook to show that we’re a qualified Facebook Marketing Partner.

What does this mean for you?

This means our social media team is equipped with the knowledge of Facebook’s Best Practices to help you create the most effective campaigns on Facebook.

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we’ll also have deeper insights into the statistics and analytics reports of the marketing campaigns we run in order to enhance our creative consultation with you and optimise your advertising dollars with the campaigns that work best for your business.

You can expect us to use global case studies, additional Facebook support and access to beta tests of your campaigns as well as other exclusive support functions that other agencies don’t have access to.

So if you want to stay up to date with the latest Facebook and Instagram trends, receive advanced marketing support and ensure that you’re hiring a reliable agency to help you out, then Story Box Collective is the way to go!

We’ll help you achieve more with your social media marketing!

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