3 Popular Visual Marketing Strategies for Brands

80% of marketers use visual marketing strategies for their social media campaigns simply because tactics with visuals at its core works.

The human mind absorbs images and photographs much faster than it understands words, which is why visual marketing strategies are so popular and effective.

Here are some of the best visual marketing strategies you can choose to implement in your marketing plans of 2022.

1. Create An Exclusive Brand Identity

Many big name brands out there have a visual branding that immediately differentiates them from all other competitors. McDonald’s, Apple, Nike, Fairprice, IKEA, Coca-Cola etc.

Just one look and you know immediately what you’re looking at.

In this visual era where images reign supreme, using visual content is not enough. You need a unique brand identity that allows you to pick out your target audience and attract their attention.

Having a visual aesthetic with a portfolio of images, fonts and design elements (even specific music and video styles) allows you to sign your brand’s name on all your visual content, no matter what the purpose of your new marketing campaign might be.

Taking time to put together a comprehensive document detailing your brand’s visual identity can make it easier for you to ensure every visual element of your business (packaging, physical store, ads, videos etc) corroborates with the image you want your customers to have of your brand.

2. Market with UGC

There’s a reason brands pay tens of thousands of dollars for product placement—because seeing people interact with your brand is visually more impactful than any visuals you produce to wow your customers.

But the lay people are getting savvy. We know that product placement is faked interaction and celebrity ambassadors are paid to speak well about the brands they’re the faces of.

That’s where User-Generated Content comes in.

Social media makes it easier for ordinary customers to share their real experiences with brands than ever before. Users relate better to visual content shared by people like them and a crowd attracts a crowd—even if that crowd is now the number of likes, comments and shares on social media.

Include UGC in your marketing campaigns and watch how it changes the way your audience views your brand.

3. More Visual Content Than Words

Many brands and small businesses still rely a lot on text rather than visuals to market themselves. Think niche beauty brands, service businesses (personal trainers, coaches, human resource agencies) and even digital resource sellers.

Text can be generated quickly so it can be very tempting to use words to explain all that is unique about your brand than to create visual content like infographics or explainer videos to convey information.

Take a look at your brand’s website content and social media posts.

Do you rely on long captions and text-based web pages to communicate with your target audience?

A marketing strategy that has an equal number of words to visuals is no longer a visual marketing strategy but a marketing strategy with visual content. Start brainstorming by imagining this premise: Your target audience is illiterate, how can you convince them to use your product/service with only images (as much as possible).


Still not sure how to make visual marketing work for your brand, learn more about our branding and marketing strategy services here.

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