10 Types of Visual Content You Need To Be Using

Every visual marketing strategy needs a variety of visual content to succeed. Just posting aesthetic pictures isn’t going to cut it, especially if you want to tell the story of your brand and create a community of loyal customers who will return for more.

Here’s 10 types of visual content you need to be using in your visual marketing strategy that appeals to any and every target audience.

1. Screenshots

Do not underestimate the power of a basic screenshot. Screenshots of social media comments, customer reviews and testimonials about your brand can do wonders in showing off your credibility and build trust with your target audience.

If you’ve got new promotions on your website, don’t hesitate to screenshot that for your brand’s IG Stories—it’s a good way to remind people about your awesome website.

If you’re marketing an app, screenshots are definitely your best friend. Use them to show off all the functions and unique features your app has to offer.

2. Infographics

You can’t avoid showing off data if you want to impress your target audience.

Whether it be boasting the reliability and functions of your product/service, providing stats to explain how important your brand’s mission is or listing ways in which your product/service comes in handy, infographics are the way to go.

Here’s a tip when deciding what content to turn into an infographic: If you can write a blog article about it, you can make an infographic of it.

3. Memes

If you’re looking for a quick way to spread awareness of your brand, use memes.

Nothing spreads faster than memes in today’s lightning-fast digital age. Memes make people laugh and are simply the perfect visual tools for brightening up someone’s day.

Also, your target audience is more likely to discover your brand on social media if you post the occasional meme. Extra points if the meme features your product/service!

4. Brand Photos

Although aesthetic photos aren’t gonna cut it, you still need them to set the tone of your brand.

Think of them as moodboards for your products and services or take professional photographs that tell a story in one picture.

Seriously, a picture really tells a thousand words.

5. Visual CTA

Instead of writing your Call To Action (CTA) as the caption at the bottom of all your enticing visuals and hyped up videos, make it a visual explosion your target audience won’t want to miss.

If you’re adding one to your site, make it look stunning and visually appealing.

If the CTA is for social media, don’t hesitate to make it part of a carousel post or slip it into your video.

The main point of all your marketing efforts is your CTA, so make sure it stands out!

6. Pull Quotes

Even though visual marketing strategies should be all about images and pictures, a few well-placed words can make your brand more appealing.

Quote famous people or write your own catchy taglines, whatever it is, make sure it’s forceful by slapping on an attractive font (that matches your branding).

If you have to write posts/articles with a lot of words, pull quotes will give your target audience something to focus on and draw their attention to the important parts. Showing off your witty side instead of using an image can help to drive the message home!

7. How To Videos

Who reads instruction manuals anymore?

Turn your brand’s instructables into how-to tutorials that people will actually watch. As the expert on your product/service, get creative with the videos you make and establish your authority on the subject.

Even if it’s just a visual jig of product warnings, it’ll definitely get more views than an instruction manual.

8. Slideshows

If you think slideshows are too formal and boring to attract customers, you are wrong.

The best way to market to professionals is through slideshows. Slideshare receives 60 million visitors a month—that’s a lot of people you could be reaching out to, if only you made a slideshow advertising the benefits/quirks of your brand…

9. Influencer Posts

The only photos better than those taken by satisfied customers are photos taken by famous satisfied customers.

If you’re getting an influencer or micro-influencer to help you market your brand, remember to get your money’s worth by asking that they take pictures featuring your product/service so you can repost and feature on your website.

Don’t be afraid to keep using these photos. If an influencer liked your product, then it deserves to be in your brand’s portfolio!

10. Data Visualisations

Using graphs, pie-charts and other visual maps to help people visualise trends and correlations are a good way to convince people your product/service matters.

Fleshing out facts and giving complex data a visual form attracts the attention of rational decision makers that might otherwise ignore your emotional attempts to appeal to them.


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