Simple Brand Photography Tips That Will Really Make A Difference

When you look at the professional photos taken for advertisements of popular brands, it’s easy to think that you need to have the same large creative team and budget to achieve the same effect.

The truth is, you don’t need to have super expensive equipment or millions of dollars in order for your brand photos to look good. Here are some simple photography tips that can dramatically improve the way you take your photos.

Make use of natural light

Natural lighting makes product photographs featuring food, people and clothing look really beautiful, so take full advantage of all the natural light you can get.

The best time to take photos is in the early morning (just after sunrise) and in the evening (just before sunset). Cloudy, overcast (not stormy) days also give you the perfect amount of light as well.

Because the weather can’t be controlled, professional studios invest in huge expensive lights to recreate perfect lighting so they can take great photos any time of the day. However, if you’re a small brand taking just a few product photos, choosing a day with lots of sun (but not so much that it creates harsh shadows and casts a glare) produces the same effect.

If you’re taking the photos indoors, do it next to a window to maximise your use of the natural light.

So what’s the cheapest equipment you can invest in to produce the highest quality photos? We recommend natural light, a window (for indoor shoots) and a white wall/table!

Get inspiration from other brands

Take a look at the pictures and ads from the brands you love. Ask yourself what you like about their visuals and think about how they framed their shots. Having visualisations of the kind of aesthetics you want for your brand will help you to learn the techniques you need to achieve a similar look.

Create moodboards and sketch out how you want your photographs to look before you take any of your brand photos. Not only will this help you to improve your photography skills, you’ll be able to achieve a cohesive look and aesthetic for all your brand photos.

Use the Rule of Thirds!

The only rule of photography you need to know ever is the rule of thirds.

This rule was created after artists discovered that people tend to focus on what’s at the intersection points of a three by three grid. That’s the reason why it’s available on the viewfinder of every camera by default.

That’s how important the rule of thirds is.

Try to position your subject/product along the lines of the three by three grid, preferably at the intersection points to achieve a more aesthetic look.

For macro photos showing off the features of your product, centralise the product in the middle of the frame and have the feature you’re highlighting on one of the four intersection points.

Take pictures in context

When taking aesthetic photographs for your brand, it can be easy to get carried away by all the creative ideas you get along the way. You might want to try every unique shot you can think of but remember that you’re taking photos for a purpose—to appeal to an audience.

You want people who see your photos to be able to picture themselves using your product or they won’t buy it.

So think about when your prospective customers will use your product before you take your brand photographs because someone with limited disposable income will only buy something they feel will improve their life in some way.

Put your product in a context that your prospective customers can relate to or feature it in ideal situations where your product can be used.


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