How to Use Photography to Build Your Brand

Visual content is a necessity when it comes to branding. But we often think the only tools we’ve got to be creative about a brand’s identity is our choice of fonts and graphic design elements.

That’s not true.

Photography is actually the most powerful way for you to enhance your branding.

Do you feature people in your branding? What are they doing in your photos? What sort of props and colours show up most often in your brand’s visuals? All these little details help to tell a story about your brand that is different from your competitors.

So let’s look at the things you need to consider when you take photos in order to build up a cohesive brand story.

Target Audience & Messaging

Although photography gives you the most freedom in representing and portraying your brand to the world, you don’t have free rein in choosing whatever visuals to use when the fancy strikes.

A strong brand always takes into consideration the people they want to attract and the message they want to communicate.

Photography allows you to show off your brand’s personality, aesthetics and identity, but the visual language you use is dependent on your target audience.

If your target audience is teenagers, then the imagery they consider “cool” is going to be very different from working adults.

So the first step to successful branding with photography is to determine your target audience and decide what message you want to convey to these people about your brand.


Once you’ve decided on your target audience and messaging, the next step is to curate a moodboard of visuals and select elements that are consistent with the message you want to tell.

Browse through images online and create a collection of visuals that best translate your brand’s message and feelings into imagery. Go through these pictures and look for patterns or elements that always seem to be present.

What colours are used? What patterns, textures and props show up the most? What’s unique or different about these photos will help you to convey your brand’s message?

These are the essential elements that you’ll want to consider using to represent your brand.


As you go through a variety of visual styles and elements and decide how you want to portray your brand, remember to think about whether your target audience will understand the message you’re trying to tell.

Do the elements/styles you’ve chosen communicate what you’re trying to say?

What kind of lighting gives off the vibes you want? More contrast or less? What compositions convey your message best? More elements or less?

Don’t think about how to make your brand appear “trendy” to your target audience because what’s trending at the moment is always changing. You might think minimalism is trendy but by the time your photoshoot is done, everyone’s obsessed with maximalism again.

What’s more important is to choose an aesthetic that conveys your brand’s values and promise to its customers. You can show how trendy your brand is through showing these visuals in creative ways that match whatever’s trending at the moment.

Consider sticking to a certain kind of model or scenery in every photo you take for your brand in order to remain consistent in your messaging throughout.


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