Creating an Aesthetic for your Brand’s Photography

How do your clients and customers recognise your brand? Most small businesses and brands use photography for marketing in order to attract the attention of their audience, but unfortunately, many don’t realise the full potential of brand photography.

Brand photography can do much more than just create visual appeal. It has the power to translate your brand’s personality into something more recognisable for your audience—it gives your business an additional layer of appeal and trust.

All you need to do is establish a consistent visual style and only use images that capture the essence of your company.

But representing your brand in a visually consistent way is not easy. You’ll need to develop an aesthetic, a concept, that resonates with your brand’s values and goals.

To start off, ask yourself the following questions:

What is your brand’s most important characteristic?

Are you serious and professional? Or do you want to emphasise that your brand is intelligent and creative instead? Are you down-to-earth, sophisticated or whimsical? This will help you decide on the kind of images you use to build up your brand’s aesthetic.

What imagery best represents your brand’s values?

Do you want your aesthetic to communicate that you are relatable and humane? Or do you prefer to appear exclusive and otherworldly? Deciding on the kind of images, patterns and objects to feature in your brand’s photography will give your audience a better understanding of your brand’s personality.

What will you feature in your brand photography?

Once you have an idea of your brand’s visual personality, you’ll want to think about what to include in your photos. Being particular about the composition and content of your images will allow you to convey specific emotions and thoughts to your audience.

Will you feature your products in nature or among people? Will your photos be more lifestyle-based or stylistic? What kind of story do you want your brand photography to tell?

How should your photos be edited?

The way you edit your photos will also impact the mood and tone of voice your photography will have on your target audience. Minimal, desaturated photos give off a more sophisticated feel whereas vibrant imagery appears more relatable and fun.

What colours or styles do you want to avoid?

Once you’ve decided on what visual style to go for and what brand values you want to communicate in your brand photography, it’s worth thinking about what colours and styles you want to avoid. What images, patterns or objects contradict with the image of your brand you want to convey?

This will allow you to be creative and add to your brand’s aesthetic later on without worrying that you’ll lose sight of the brand image you originally wanted to convey.


At the core of it, brand photography is about communicating who you are and what you stand for to your customers, clients and shareholders. It gives your business a personal touch and helps to distinguish you from your competitors.

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