Color Vizio

The Brief

Establised in 2000, ColorVizio specialises in professional large or custom-size printing for banner, posters and other forms of marketing collaterals. As part of digitization, ColorVizio  realised that their current didactic website was not sufficient for their current needs. Over the years, ColorVizio has been managing their enquiries through walk-ins, e-mails and calls. This mode of communication was inefficient as similar pieces of information needs to be communicated to customers individually. ColorVizio came to us for help creating and implementing a system that is simple, efficient and user-friendly. 

Our Approach

As a printing company, ColorVizio can utilise online resources to receive enquiries and provide relevant information to customers. We simplified the process by implementing a shopping cart module with specified purchase instructions for each product. As such, it is now easier for customers to submit their files for printing with the correct settings, making it more efficient for ColorVizio to process.

The Result

With the integration of this new system, ColorVizio’s productivity has increased and they can now spend less time educating customers on the correct file formats. 

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