Yunomori Onsen

The Brief

We were tasked with increasing the online presence and brand awareness of Yunomori Onsen Singapore on Facebook and Instagram in order to ultimately increase the number of customers visiting the onsen at Kallang Wave Mall. 

Our Approach

Yunomori Onsen is a unique onsen spa in Singapore with many attractive key features. We found that the main barrier to the take-up rate of their appealing service was the unfamiliarity towards onsen culture in Singapore. As such, our team decided to launch several videos and campaigns to educate local customers on the onsen culture. We also organised several photoshoots to build up media assets for Yunomori Onsen.

The Result

Our video campaigns had great online response, with more than 300,000 views and shares online. During the run of our campaigns, we saw an increase of 57% in Facebook page likes and a 200% increase in their Instagram following.

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