A website is the most important part of any digital marketing endeavour. A good website reflects your brand accurately and provides users with high quality content that they can access at anytime.

Till today, a website remains the most crucial aspect of leaving a digital footprint and is usually our first recommendation to any client. A well-designed website provides brand credibility, a platform for potential or existing customers to access information about your company, an aesthetically pleasing portfolio, and a way for customers to connect personally with you. Best of all, users will be able to learn about your brand anytime and anywhere.

Landing Page

A single page on a website that aims to increase conversion rates. Often tied to a targeted promotion, or the marketing of a single product, a landing page is often specific and matches the intention of the advertisement that your visitors clicked on to reach your page.

Multi-Page Design

Multi-Page Websites are created through careful brainstorming and strategising. Based on the results of our research on your company, we will then formulate a suitable brand strategy and digital marketing strategy for you. This involves choosing suitable marketing channels, branding names and a detailed online marketing strategy.


Bring your business to the next level by doing sales online. E-commerce sites allow for quick and fast buy/sell procedures unbounded by any geographical and time limits. Not to mention  lower operations cost! Find out how you can bring your business online here.

A Professional Site,
A Professional Brand

We design all our sites with the WordPress, Shopify and Wix content management system. This ensures that you have full control over your site at any time with strong plugins, features, search engine optimisation and design customisations. Along with the strong community support for  these three platforms, no content management system even comes close to competing in terms of receiving support.

Why work with us?

1. Gorgeous looking site

An aesthetically-pleasing and relevant looking site makes a good first impression. At Storybox Collective, we believe that details are the core of elegant designs, and we pay close attention to every aspect of the website creation process to ensure that your brand has a website design that is befitting of your values, products and services.


2. Functional Site

Besides a strong aesthetic foundation, we also place great emphasis on your customers’ experience with your website, user interface and how they will be interacting with it. After all, your website functionality plays a large role in funnelling potential customers into sales conversions.


3. No Hidden Costs

One flat price with no future hidden maintenance costs. We provide complete tutorials so you can use your site, and full administrative control over it. This means you won’t have trouble accessing your own site and making changes to it after our web works are completed.

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