Why Organic Social Media Isn’t Dead

If you’ve dabbled in social media marketing before, you’ll realise that your organic posts and engagement levels are decreasing at an alarming rate.

Paid posts seem to do much better. And that’s all thanks to algorithm changes.

In a bid to make social media more personal, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are cutting down on showing posts from business and brands.

As a result, paid posts get priority in appearing on other people’s feeds and your business account gets tucked away in one corner of the internet so only your followers get to see what you post.

Unless you paid to boost your reach, chances are, only 10% of your followers will see your post and 2% will interact with it.

So is it safe to say that organic social media is dead (for brands at least) and just invest in the paid stuff from now on?

Actually, no.

In fact, organic social media strategies are more important than ever for your brand.

It’s Your Voice

In spite of algorithm changes, social media remains one of the cheapest and most cost-effective ways of showcasing who you are and what you have to offer.

You don’t have to pay to post organically.

And with each post, you inform potential customers of your voice, your values, your unique selling points—everything they need to know about your brand.

75% of consumers look up a brand’s social media pages to make sure it’s a reputable brand before committing to a purchase or service.

Therefore, well-maintained and engaging social profiles show them that you are a real person who cares about what they need and can be relied on to provide trustworthy information, projects and services.

If you have a social media account but you never post anything and when you do, it’s sloppy and not thought-out, then chances are, your potential clientele will not have a good impression of your brand and be put off interacting with you.

One of the main reasons brands use social media is to have a direct channel of communication with their customers. 69% of customers associate a fast response to an issue with good service.

Having active social media channels where you consistently respond and interact with your customers is the best way to provide quick solutions and boost your reputation.

In a world where everything is instantaneous, being on the ball will ultimately improve your bottom line. By creating organic posts, you remind your followers that your line of communication is open.

When your customers see that you are active on social media, posting things and responding to comments, they’ll be less likely to wander off to a competitor.

It’s Part Of A Bigger Picture

Let’s face it. Paid content will always have an eyeball advantage over organic posts. There’s nothing you can do about it except join the bandwagon and boost your own posts as well.

But it pays to think from your customer’s perspective.

After clicking on a sponsored post, your potential customer gets taken to your profile page or website. They’ll expect to find content on these pages.

Something relatable. Something that meets their needs.

If your page is empty or sloppily put together, they won’t stick around. There’s no need to mention that they won’t return either.

Investing in paid posts is not all the only thing you’ll ever need in social media marketing. You have to fill your social media profiles with relevant and engaging content to keep them around.

When a customer clicks on a paid post, chances are they’ll take a look at your profile as well. So make sure there’s a steady stream of content worth looking at when the time comes!

It Boosts Your SEO

Perhaps the biggest profit you’ll get from your organic posts is a boost in search rankings.

Google puts all the available information about your brand together and then judges if your domain has authority. Having a distinct social media presence boosts your website’s credibility in search rankings and by extension, makes your brand easier to find.

Ironically, the effects of organic social media are found, not on the social media platforms themselves, but in search engine results.

Because social media sites are reputable and frequently viewed, the more you post, tag and talk about your brand and its unique selling points, the more likely you’ll appear when consumers search up relevant keywords.

You’ve probably heard that boosting your SEO and optimising your content for search engines is the best way to spread awareness of your brand, but the actual mechanics of how this is done is often obscure.

The reason for that is simple.

There’s no shortcut to boosting SEO. You need to produce content regularly for search engines to pick it up.

And organic posts are one of the surefire ways of doing that.

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