How To Repurpose Video Ads for Social Media

Video ads cost a lot to make and release. Hours go into the production of a single video ad, but most of the time, they’re used for one campaign, then archived and forgotten about.

If only there was a way to repurpose those video ads and use them a bit longer…

Here’s how you can repurpose your video ads as social media content so you can get your money’s worth out of  them.

Use Them As Social Media Posts

One way to repurpose your video ads is to make minor edits and resize them for all the social media platforms your brand uses.

Look at the kind of content that typically gets good engagement on your brand’s social media and select clips from your video ad to create something similar.

Pull out the most eye-catching snippets to make a teaser to create hype for your campaign or choose a relatable clip and add some text to turn it into a meme that can be easily re-shared. You could also reshuffle the different shots of your product and reuse them to create multiple different posts.

The possibilities are endless.

Make GIFs With Them

Alternatively, you can turn parts of your video ad into GIFs that can be posted on social media or turned into a Telegram/Whatsapp sticker pack. Use these GIFs on your website or in your email newsletter to customers in order to keep your ad fresh in their minds. This also adds a fun, personable touch that makes your marketing efforts more relatable.

Repeat Dialogue/Taglines In Your Ads

Does your ad feature any form of text or dialogue? Quote phrases from your own ad in your social media posts. This helps to enhance your audience’s association of those words and sentences with your brand.

That way, when they see this familiar-looking phrase on their feed, they’ll remember the video ad that they saw. The additional benefit of repurposing your video ad is that you’ll keep it in the minds of your audience for much longer than just the duration of your paid campaign.

Repost Screenshots

Videos are extremely effective on social media, but photos are not far behind. Take screenshots of different scenes from your video ad and post them as static images to get your money’s worth and more out of those picturesque shots.

Most likely, you’ve pumped money and time into making sure each frame of your video ad looks good, so take advantage of that and use as many shots as social media posts or as print ads!

While you bear all of these tips in mind, remember to carefully consider your brand’s target audience and the kind of platforms and content they consume in order to make full use of your video ad.

There’s no point in creating memes out of your video ad if your target audience doesn’t appreciate memes (or if it contradicts your branding).


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